Our Food

Gully UK is all about the ultimate Indian street food experience, customised to meet your unique tastes. Be it birthdays, weddings, or a private event you are trying to perfect- reach out to us to build your very own menu of hand-picked classic North Indian dishes with a British twist that makes your guests ask for more!

Step 1: Pick your base

Naan Wrap
Soft, warm, oven baked
Indian bread

Rice Box
Cumin infused Rice

Salad Bowl
Crunchy slaw with
diced cucumber & tomatoes

Step 2: Pick your filling

Chicken Tikka
Tender pieces marinated
in our signature blend

Lamb Keema
Spiced minced lean lamb with green peas

Paneer Tikka (V)
Soft, juicy chunks of cottage cheese grilled with fresh vegetables

Chickpea Saag (VG)
Hearty vegan chickpea
& spinach

Step 3: Pick your Sauces

Step 4: Add Fresh Salad

Finely chopped cabbage and carrot

Step 5: Fancy any extras?

Samosa Chaat

Gully Samosa

Masala Fries

Step 6: Enjoy!

We are second to Naan!